Victor 9000 Serial Transfer Primer

Using Kermit to transfer files to/from a modern Windows PC

  • Hook up a NULL modem cable between the Victor and your PC
    • I used a USB-to-Serial 9 pin, a 9-pin to 25-pin NULL modem, and a M-M Gender changer
    • My USB-to-Serial needed to be configured to COM2 (any COM1 – COM4 should work if free)
    • Boot the Victor with MS-DOS (tested on 2.93, but should work on others)
    • Put in a disk with Kermit and free space (or the files you want to send to a PC)
    • Start Kermit 1.18
    • set baud 19200
  • ON THE PC:
    • receive
  • ON THE PC:
    • Kermit -> Send
    • You can send multiple files at once – just add them to the queue
    • Adding *.* will add all files in the selected directory
  • Going the other direction is similiar
  • type exit to quit kermit on the Victor when done